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Research has played a key and important role in the development of organizations and it is certainly not possible to achieve comprehensive development without proper use of research findings. The role of research in sustainable development is so prominent and undeniable that it can undoubtedly be considered the driving force of development in all areas. Therefore, one of the elements that always guarantees the future of the organization's activity is research, innovation and technology in the organization, and any industry to move towards self-sufficiency needs unremitting efforts in the field of research and technology.


Iran Oil Terminals Company, in line with the macro policies of the country and the oil industry, conducts applied research projects, especially in the field of technology and equipment manufacturing related to its specialized activities (receipt, storage, measurement and export of crude oil) Put on your agenda


For this purpose, the Research and Technology Department of Iran Oil Terminals Company, as a research arm of the company and in line with the macro policies of the oil industry, examines and recognizes the research needs of the industry and leads research projects in the required fields in accordance with its duties. Leading research, technology and innovation in the oil industry, changed the approach of research projects to in-house design and construction projects and with a well-codified planning in the field of specialized activities of the company to define and implement research projects and make them more practical. Results and with the aim of maximizing effectiveness, applied research projects in the fields of technology and in-house manufacturing

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