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The Iranian Oil Terminals Company as one of the companies under umbrella of National Iranian Oil Company is an operational, specialized and professional organization that has the duty of all reservation affairs, crude oil, oil products, liquefied gas and marine services export and import operations along with providing measurement and lab services. This important task is under implemented by aiming at support and sustained continuation of oil and gas production in the country in four operational zones of Kharg Oil Terminals, North Oil Terminals (Neka), Assaluyeh Oil Terminals and Mahshahr Oil Terminals through performing receipt, reserving, mixing, measuring, the quality and quantity measurement, loading and discharging (export and import) of crude oils and oil products (SWAP), the  berthing and oil vessels operations, which has led to the completion and promotion of oil and gas value chain as well as playing a worthy role in the sustainment and flexibility of the national, regional and international energy chain supply. This company believes in creating superior value and promoting the level of customers and key beneficiaries’ satisfaction its most comprehensive  policy-making cores through systemic approach, establishment of a vision-based,  learning entity, healthy and excellent organization and for this purpose in an approach towards development, sustained excellence, knowledge-core and the realization of mission, it has  put the observation of requirements in standards ISO14001:2004, OHSAS18001:2007, ISO/IEC17025:2005, ISO9001:2008 and has bound itself in observing the followings: Prevention of environment pollutions, preventing job accidents and risks, reducing and omitting risks, promoting public health and commitment in the responsibility to achieve a sustained future, employing and developing worthy, capable, professional, creative, innovative, responsive and motivated personnel, committed to the ideas and values of the company, and creating an excellent and dynamic organization, observing the national and international regulations that govern the activities and services of the company, understanding, perceiving and supplying demands, needs and anticipations of customers for the purpose of innovations and creating values for them, constant improvement in the quantity and quality of the balanced results for the company through management of processes.

Certificates and awards

Since 2009

Iranian National Quality Award (INQA)

2009: Appreciation Award of Efforts for Quality

2010: Appreciation Letter of being known as a Star Quality

The Certificate Issuance Institute: Iran Institute of Standard and Industrial Research

(Secretariat of INQA)

National Award of Productivity and Organizational Excellence (EFQM)

2009: Two-star Appreciation Award for Excellence in Services Sector

2010: Three-star Appreciation Letter for Excellence Services in the Sector

2011: Four-star Appreciation for Excellence in Service Sector

Holding Institute: Institute of Human Resources Productivity Studies

Affiliated to Industries Development and Renovation Organization (IDRO)

National Productivity Award 1404

2010: Appreciation Letter of First Level alongside with the Vision

Certificate issuance institute: The Council for Policymaking of National Productivity 1404

Superior Organization in Technical and Specialty Services of National Iranian Oil Company at Shaheed Rajaee Festival (2012) 

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  • 021-71095000 021-88534829
  • 021-22592473
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