Accomplished Projects



Accomplished Projects


The major repairs and performing amending changes on 27 loading arms have been already performed in the eastern and western jetties of Kharg terminals. Those activities started in 2012 and ended in October 2015. These operations were performed by spending around 750 million Tumans and around 18000 man/hour time.

The most important activities in performing this task are as follows:

1.            Separation and implementation of loading arms operations from jetty to the land as per the case with respect to their functions. The implementation operations for one of the loading arms  were performed  for the first time in Kharg Terminal by using stowed position, which is considered as one of the most important and sensitive operations in loading arms.

2.            The dismounting operations and disassembling the loading arms parts including dismounting the internal arm, the external arm, style 80 balance weighing balls and other sections…

3.            Performing cleaning and washing operations, checking and inspecting parts for determining the worn out and unreliable parts.

4.            Mounting operations and assembly of repaired or brand new parts on the loading arm

5.            Static test operations to ensuring absence of any leakage according to the instructions of manufacturing company

6.            Transferring  the loading arm form site to the jetty for re-assembly

7.            Mounting hydraulic system and commissioning loading arm


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