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North (Shomal) Oil Terminals

Green terminal of the country


Due to the strategic situation of Islamic Republic of Iran in the margin of Mazandaran (Caspian) Sea, and playing a core role in the transport and transit of crude oil of Central Asian Countries to other countries of the country, basic and infrastructural activities have been carried out in Behshahr Port (Neka). The terminals developed in this port are in 22 kilometer distance of Neka Town in the sea bank (the distance of Neka to Tehran is 230 kilometers).

The major goal in establishing Behshahr Operational Zone (Neka) is to receive, store, proces and transport crude oils of Caspian Sea marginal states under SWAP (exchange) plan.


Behshahr operational zone plan (Neka) is completed in three stages. In first stage, the capability of receiving and transporting 50 thousand barrels, 120 thousand barrels in the second stage and 370 thousand barrels of crude oil for North Oil Terminal have been predicted. This figure is increasing up to 500 thousand barrels.

North Oil Terminal presently receives oil products from neighboring countries in north Iran.



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