Ongoing Projects

Loading Jetties repairs and updating projects

 Establishment of fountain basin in Shomal (North) Oil Terminal


The mentioned project was defined and implemented to follow the strategy of NIOC on receiving different types of crude oils and oil products of Caspian Sea States, for the purpose of preparing the installations and infrastructures required in North Oil Terminals, improving the competitiveness and strategic power of Iran in receiving crude oils as well as creating better opportunities in receiving crude oil to develop SWAP operations.

The economic justification of this project is as follows:

To supply the demands in supporting the drilling fleet in the Caspian Sea and increase the capacity of receiving crude oil, which includes:

1.     To provide suitable depth for the mooring of Caspian vessels and Iran Alborz Drilling Platform (Amir Kabir)

2.     To increase the capacity of receiving crude oil (SWAP or possible production) up to 500 thousand barrels per day (in short term) and increasing this number to 2500 thousand barrels per day (in long-term,)

3.     To provide necessary infrastructure for berthing vessels that carry oil and LPG products

 4.     The suitable depth for oil vessels with higher capacity is available in the basin.



Pipelines Projects

Inspection of Sea Pipelines in Remotely operated vehicle (ROV) Method

In the present projects, six pipelines of Ganaveh- Kharg pipelines, two  liquid gas pipelines ending to Assaluyeh SPMs and six  coastal pipelines to Azarpad harbor and four pipelines leading to Ganaveh SPMs in ROV have been already completed, and critical water-washes have been specified; however, in order to repair the water-wash, necessary funds must be obtained in order toimplement water-wash repair supplementary projects.

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