Mahshahr Oil Terminal

Mahshahr Oil Terminal


Storing the products of Abadan Refinery and exports and imports of different products are carried out at Mahshahr Oil Terminal. Presently, most activities of terminals in Mahshahr focuses on marine operations (berthing and separating vessels for products), providing safety services, search and rescue in Abadan Oil Refinery. Based on the predictions and next programs, in line with developing the company’s activities in different sectors of exporting oil, gas and petrochemical products, Mahshahr Terminal will become of the most active terminals of the company.


The most important duties:

Participation in berthing and oil vessels separation operations in jetty, vessels escort and guidance on the arrival time to Mahshahr Oil Terminal and exit to Imam Khomeini Port

Operational standby in loading and discharging oil vessels.

Confronting oil contaminations and possible fires

Auxiliary activities

Dispatching tug boats to Bandar Imam

Performing emergency maneuvers

Assisting in jetties reconstruction

Transporting facilities

Control and preventing crashing dead boats in terminal anchorage


  • No. 11, Pasdaran St., Hojjat Souri St. (7th Nistan)
  • 021-71095000 021-88534829
  • 021-22592473
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