Iranian Oil Terminals Company|Managing director’s message

Managing director’s message


Despite dire straits and the economic and political pressures imposed on the macro-economy of Iran, the Iranian oil industry has been able to take steps in the path of progress by relying on the specialized capabilities, scientific knowledge and amazing efforts of its workers, and contribute in the continuation of growth, improvement and promotion of Islamic Republic system in the path of its future development. And, today, in spite of many challenges and enduring the international pressures, the Iranian oil industry has been able to offer the country great accomplishments by reliance on its internal capacity in all areas of knowledge and technology.

The insightful instructions of the Supreme Leader and his attention to self-reliance and self-sufficiency in all scopes of oil industry have provided  ground in drawing up a bright horizon and implementation of a scientific model in Iranian Oil Terminals Company in order to allow the country witness significant achievements in the area of identifying local powerful producers, localization of necessary parts and facilities in the area of reserving, measuring, marine services, crude oil, oil substances and gas liquefied gas exports operations through alignment with promoting the decision making processes in adopting approaches in reducing the costs and optimized use of financial resources by reliance on collective thought and wisdom as well as  establishing specialized committees in key areas.

The Iranian Oil Terminals Company started the year of the Government and Nation, Sympathy and Shared language  when by the bliss of God and our strong will, thought and collective efforts of all hardworking colleagues, support and protection of senior managers in oil industry and the country to take effective and positive steps  while focusing on performing its own main missions in the operational and specialized venue in exporting and importing crude oil, oil products and liquefied gas by adopting a systemic and new managerial approach and strategic thought in goods and facilities localization required for oil terminals operations.


Dr,Abbas Asadrouz 

Managing Director

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