Iran Oil Terminals Company, as one of the subsidiaries of the National Iranian Oil Company, is an operational, specialized and professional organization that receives, stores, exports and imports of crude oil, petroleum products and gas condensate, marine services, as well as providing services. Responsible for measurement and laboratory. This is done with the aim of supporting and helping the sustainable continuation of the country's oil and gas production, in four operational areas of Kharg, North (Neka), South Pars and Mahshahr through the processes of receiving, storing, mixing, measuring and measuring operations. Quantitative and qualitative loading and unloading (export and import) of crude oil and production and exchange petroleum products (SWAP) and berthing operations and separation of oil tankers are underway, which completes and upgrades the country's oil and gas value chain and plays a role. It is worthy of optimal stability and flexibility of national, regional and international energy supply.


  • No. 11, Pasdaran St., Hojjat Souri St. (7th Nistan)
  • 021-71095000 021-88534829
  • 021-22592473
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