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Unveiling of organizational performance management system software in Iran Oil Terminals Company

In order to achieve the goals and key factors of organizational success and improve the quality in decision-making, the software for the establishment and implementation of the system for monitoring strategic goals and evaluating organizational performance was unveiled in Iran Oil Terminals Company.

Unveiling of organizational performance management system software in Iran Oil Terminals Company
(Tuesday, February 13, 2024) 14:17

Abbas Gharibi stated: This software is considered as a shell that has depth, and its depth is the management of the transformation and excellence of the organization, the necessary planning for its implementation has started in the organization, and based on the challenges that have been identified in the organization, the working group have been formed in the organization, and this software is one of these working groups.

Gharibi added: The reports that are extracted from the various dashboards of this software are the basis for implementing the organization's macro plans, and based on the results and metrics of this software, we can have better control and monitoring of the organization in the form of existing management dashboards.

The CEO of Iran Oil Terminals Company continued: Project management and control is very important in the company and this software can help the organization in monitoring the progress of the projects to have a better management in terms of cost and time.

Gharibi pointed to the company's approach in relation to the transformation of the organization and added: We will try with the capacity and capabilities we have and our vision is to join the club of one billion dollars in revenue and reach this capacity and considering The new mission that will be entrusted to us in the future, we hope very much.

He expressed his hope: by carrying out such changes and programs in the organization, we can create order and discipline in the organization and continuously monitor its performance and move systematically and systematically based on the horizon and goals that have been drawn and in the future as To become a successful company in the field of BSC at the level of National Iranian Oil Company.

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