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Iran Contractors Engaged in Oil Industry

TEHRAN (Shana) -- Over recent years, due to the support programs of the Petroleum Ministry for Iranian manufacturers and contractors, the presence of these companies for the development of Iran's oil industry has been highly significant. Accordingly, considering the development plan of the Petroleum Ministry in the new government and also enhancing the quality of activity of Iranian companies, the expansion of bilateral cooperation with these companies is on the agenda of the Petroleum Ministry.

Iran Contractors Engaged in Oil Industry
(Tuesday, February 15, 2022) 15:39

Therefore, this ministry is trying to reduce the dependence of this industry on foreign companies in light of the country's need to develop the oil industry, which according to Vahid Reza Zeidifar, deputy minister of petroleum for engineering, research and technology, has fallen below 50%.  

Here we review a report about the activities of Khatam al-Anbia Construction HQ (KAC) as a leading contractor for petroleum industry projects.

KAC is involved in the petroleum industry as contractor, temporary and permanent investor. Its main field of activity is oil and gas production enhancement.

General Seyed Hossein Housh ul-Sadat, commander of KAC, has said that KAC was working to help enhance Iran’s oil production by 150,000 to 200,000 b/d.

NGL 3200 Plant

Given KAC’s activities in the Iranian petroleum industry, of a total of 26 infrastructure projects handled by KAC last calendar year, the petroleum industry had a significant share. One key project was construction of 235 km of the 1,000-km Goreh-Jask oil pipeline, which has been instrumental in the development of Makran coasts.

It is worth noting that the Goreh-Jask pipeline is the longest oil transfer pipeline in the Middle East with an approximate length of 1,000 km, which, if completed, will be able to export gas condensate from near Goreh in Bushehr Province to near Jask Port for export. According to officials, in the first phase of the project, the pipeline could transfer up to 350,000 b/d of crude oil from Goreh to Jask. In the next phases of the project, the pipeline is planned to transport 1 mb/d.

Meantime, KAC is behind production of over 40% of gasoline, 21% of gas production and 42% of oil and gas storage tanks.

KAC plans to implement 50 projects over 50 weeks next calendar year, one of which would be completion of a gas transmission pipeline and launching the NGL 3200 plant.

General Housh ul-Sadat said that NGL 3200 would gather flare gas to produce 97,000 b/d of NGL, 41 tonnes of solid sulfur and 340 mcf/d of natural gas. Natural gas would be used as feedstock for a power generation plant under construction nearby.

It is also noted that by operating NGL 3200, in addition to ending flaring at six oil fields in West Karoun, 250 mcf/d of feedstock would be supplied to petrochemical plants in Mahshahr. The NGL 3200 project would come online within the framework of the second jump projects in the petrochemical sector to allow for development of various sectors of the petrochemical industry.

The general expressed hope that gas injection into the plant would begin by next March.

2 Petro-Refineries

Considering the global approach in the construction of petro-refinery units, as well as the government program in the construction of petro-refinery complexes and on the other hand the construction of the Persian Gulf Star refinery in the country, the development plan of the petro-refinery complex next to this refinery is very important, not to mention its economic benefits. Accordingly, considering the importance of this issue, KAC plays a significant role in the construction of the Mehr Persian Gulf Petro-Refinery Complex in southern Iran. The complex project has had 38% progress.

Furthermore, the Anahita petro-refinery project is also being pursued by KAC in western Iran, whose development requires budget allocation from National Development Fund of Iran (NDFI).

Offshore Platforms

KAC is also involved in offshore platform construction, which is being currently pursued by Sadra as an affiliate of KAC.

Housh ul-Sadat said: “Sadra is currently constructing offshore platforms related to the Reshadat field renovation and development project, as well as four Aframax tankers, two of which have been completed, one is nearing completion and one is under construction.”

“Good events will happen for the company in the next two months, on the other hand, the experts from this company have traveled to South Korea, which could lead to good events,” he said.

Courtesy of Iran Petroleum

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