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Iran's Oil Exports to Continue: Official

The head of the Iranian presidential office said: "The Islamic Republic of Iran will undoubtedly sell its oil and our oil revenue and exports will continue.”

Iran's Oil Exports to Continue: Official
(Tuesday, April 23, 2019) 10:37

Mahmoud Vaezi said today (Wednesday, April 24), denouncing US action to end sanctions waivers for Iran’s oil importers, told reporters: "They are primarily fishing for a massive propaganda and psychological warfare against the Iranian nation. I have no doubt that, like other conspiracies, what they have just announced will also bring solidarity and unity in the country more than ever.”

He added: "The most important discussion that was discussed today at the government cabinet meeting was in connection with the treachery of the United States on Monday, which stated it was preventing the sale of Iranian oil.”

"It's natural that this American action will create restrictions for Iran economically, but what they are looking for is a psychological warfare, that is, they are looking for a widespread propaganda.”

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