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Iran transits over 45k tons of oil products overseas

Islamic Republic of Iran transited 45,691 tons of various types of oil products overseas through oil terminals and ports of Hormozgan province in the last Iranian calendar year (ended March 20, 2019).

Iran transits over 45k tons of oil products overseas
(Tuesday, April 9, 2019) 15:21

Director General of Hormozgan Ports and Maritime Organization Allah Morad Afifipour made the remarks on Tue. and said, “fuel oil, bitumen, hydrocarbon and gas oil (diesel) were mainly exported to other countries in the same period.”

Statistics showed that 11,730,276 tons of non-oil products were exported to other countries in the previous Iranian calendar year (Mar. 21, 2018 – Mar. 20, 2019), he said, adding, in addition, more than 2,558,430 tons of non-oil goods were transshipped.”

Of total 11,730,276 tons of non-oil products, 4,237,839 tons of which were transited, the director general stated.

Afifipour reiterated, “5,438,285 tons of non-oil goods were transported into Hormozgan province’s ports last year (ended Mar. 20, 2019), registering a 46 percent slump as compared to the last year’s corresponding period.”

He also put the total volume of non-oil products exported from trade and business ports of this province in the past year at 36,193,000 tons.

Elsewhere in his remarks, he reiterated, “the volume of oil products exported from Persian Gulf port in Shahid Rajaei Port stood at 6,760,144 tons in 11 months of the past Iranian calendar year in 1397 (March 21 – Feb. 21).”

Persian Gulf Oil Port is equipped with nine oil quays and two service piers with the draft capacity of 7.5 meters on average as well as with the capability of berthing to vessels with maximum 10,000 tons, the director general of Hormozgan province Ports and Maritime Organization stated.

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