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Zanganeh refuses to discuss oil sales due to US moves

Iranian Oil Minister Bijan Zanganeh refused to answer reporters’ questions about oil sales in the face of US sanctions, saying the information would be used by Washington against Tehran.

Zanganeh refuses to discuss oil sales due to US moves
(Friday, January 25, 2019) 11:40

Asked whether Iran’s oil clients would continue buying crude after the re-impositon of sanctions, Oil Minister Zanganeh said he would say nothing on the sanctions and oil sales because the US would take advanatge of it and use the information against the country.

On November 4, the US returned its sanctions against Iran’s energy and banking sectors, which it had lifted under the 2015 multilateral nuclear accord with the country. Washington withdrew from the nuclear agreement back in May.

The US has been lobbying with major international buyers of the crude to have them stop their purchases from Iran. However, US conceded to exempt eight countries from sanctions, including China, India, Japan and South Korea.

Zanganeh was further asked to comment about the global oil prices in the future, to which he said the prices are influenced by demand and supply, as well as the attempts of some countries to saturate the oil market and hurt Iran in the process.

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