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Iran to be managed well without reliance on oil revenues

First Vice President Es’hagh Jahangiri said that the country enjoys high capacities and can be administered well without relying upon oil revenues.

Iran to be managed well without reliance on oil revenues
(Thursday, January 31, 2019) 11:43

He made the remark in a local ceremony in Tehran this morning, saying, “sustainable development is Iran’s most important priority in current situation. In sustainable development, economic development of the country is more important than other aspects.”

Iran's sovereignty is very vital in the Middle East region, because, if sovereignty is challenged in the region, the region will face crisis, the issue of which can cost dearly for all countries in the world, he added.

He pointed to the unemployment as one of the major concerns of Iranian families in the current situation, adding, “effective and logical steps should be taken by the government and responsible organizations in this regard.”

Economic stability in Iran is a prerequisite for development, he said, adding, “indicators such as inflation, exchange rate and banking interest should be controlled and for this reason, the current administration has made its utmost effort to restore stability to economy of the country and interact amicably with the international community.”

US government and the countries which have adopted hostile measures against the Islamic Republic of Iran try to undermine development and progress of the country but their malicious measures are doomed to failure, Jahangiri noted.

He pointed to the sanctions imposed against Iran, saying, “patients, the elderly, children and weak strata of society will incur serious damage as a result of sanctions imposed against the country.”

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