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US Unable to Call a Halt to Iran Oil Exports: Rouhani

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said Iran was selling its oil and would continue to do so, adding the US was unable to call a halt to Iran’s oil exports.

US Unable to Call a Halt to Iran Oil Exports: Rouhani
(Monday, December 10, 2018) 00:29
“The US should be informed that we are selling our oil and will continued to do so. They are unable to stop Iran’s oil exports. If, one day, they intend to stop our oil exports, no oil would be exported from the Persian Gulf,” said the official during a visit to the southwestern province of Khuzestan on Tuesday.

He said the US had failed in hatching a coup in Iran, adding, “They sought to fragment Iran and separate Khuzestan from the country, impose sanctions on Iran and undermine the power of our country, in all of which they failed. It must be studied why the US is so much irritated by Iran and the Iranian nation.”

Dr. Rouhani added that the United States had declared that it would deprive Iran of oil exports, keep Iran from trading with the world and isolate it in the region and the world, declaring that it had goals in the region to achieve, but “our great nation in all of these scenes proved to be the ultimate victor in this battle.”

"The United States cannot cut off our trade relations with the region and the world, and it must know throughout our country our people will maintain their cultural, economic, and political relations with the countries of the region and the world, and develop their relations with their neighbors and Islamic countries and the world.”
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