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6,000 tons of Goods Shipped to Kharg Island in Tir

Director of commercial affairs at the Iranian Oil Terminals Company (IOTC) said a total of 6,575 tons of petroleum goods and equipment was imported to Kharg Island during the month of Tir, the 4th months in the Iranian calendar year (June 22-July 22).

6,000 tons of Goods Shipped to Kharg Island in Tir
(Saturday, August 11, 2018) 10:45
Vali Mohammad Dehghanpour said, of the amount, over 520 tons of items were to be consumed by the oil companies operating in the island and the rest would be used by contracting oil companies in Khark.

Despite 12 days of wavy water in the Persian Gulf during the period, 4,500 tons of items were shipped to the island, he said, adding 55 light and 32 heavy machinery were also imported to the island during the same month.

The goods also included medicine, flour, machinery, household appliances, and food stuff, he added.
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