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800mb Oil Exported from Kharg Terminal

Iran exported over 800 million barrels of crude oil from its major oil export terminal in Khark Island over the course of the previous Iranian calendar year which ended on March 20.

800mb Oil Exported from Kharg Terminal
(Monday, May 14, 2018) 09:05
CEO of the Iranian Oil Terminal Company (IOEC) Pirouz Mousavi told a group of visiting members of the energy committee of the Iranian parliament in the island on Sunday that IOTC played a major role in exporting Iran's oil and gas condensate as well as other petroleum products.

"Last year, loading of about 8 million barrels of oil from eight decks and two standard and fully safe ship-to-ship operations at the Khark Oil Terminal took place simultaneously, which is a new record," he said, adding IOTC is ready to increase its loading capacity.

The IOTC CEO further added: "It is safe to say that Iran has no oil on water without customers, which is indicative of the merits of the international affairs department of the National Iranian Oil Company."

Mousavi further said the country's oil cargoes were normally being shipped at Khark Island.

He said: "Currently, Iran's traditional and European customers are getting their oil shipments loaded in Khark region and exports are being carried out normally."

"Following implementation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), oil exports became stable and in April a new record in crude oil and gas condensate exports was registered," Mousavi added.

He also underlined swap operations at the Neka Oil Terminal in northern Iran, adding that about 72 tankers had called at this green and modern terminal for swap operations.
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