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Venezuela learns from Iran’s experiences

Venezuelan Ambassador to Iran Jesus Gregorio Gonzalez has said his country is learning from Iran’s experiences to tackle its challenges.

Venezuela learns from Iran’s experiences
(Monday, April 23, 2018) 13:02

“The problems that we are experiencing now, are similar to the ones which you (Iran) have experienced for many years,” Jesus Gregorio Gonzalez told Iranian media outlet IRNA, adding “we are using Iran's experiences.”

He pointed out “for example, in the field of oil, which is very important for us, we were able to use all the experiences and support of Iran to overcome the problems.”

The Venezuelan ambassador said that Iran and Venezuela as two countries, which enjoy massive energy resources, have very close relations, adding “many of the projects presented by Iran have been approved by Venezuela, meanwhile, a lot of Venezuelan projects are being accepted by Iran as well.”

Gonzalez went on to say the sanctions and financial pressures that have been imposed on Iran since 2008, as well as the decline in oil prices, have affected the relations between Iran and Venezuela, but two countries have been able to continue their bilateral trade.

He hoped that the two sides will be able to tackle the existing challenges and further strengthen bilateral economic ties.

The Venezuelan ambassador to Iran concluded “the two countries have signed a lot of memoranda of understanding in recent years, the latest one of which was in the field of health that was signed by representatives of both sides last week.”

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