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Official calls on Iran to boost rivarly in Iraqi market

Head of Iran-Iraq joint Chamber of Commerce Yahya Al-Eshaq said on Monday to keep presence in Iraq market, Iran has economic, historical, political, security, social and cultural obligation and in case of quitting the market will be in hands of competitors.

Official calls on Iran to boost rivarly in Iraqi market
(Sunday, December 17, 2017) 11:24
He made the remarks in the 5th session of monthly meeting of joint chamber of commerce.
Al-Eshaq said today 'we are facing an economic war in Iraq and we have to face with big competitors, so the Iranian companies and unions should act strongly'.

He said that the pattern of consumption in Iraq is totally the same as that of Iran, so we should concentrate on our advantages.

The official said that Iraq is producing 4 million barrels of crude oil daily and they are targetting 10 million barrels a day to compensate their lagging behind in the past several decades.

In Iraqi Kurdistan region, with long historical ties with Iran, we have to invest and also persuade their investors to invest in Iran and to this end we need new view points and arrangements.

Secretary General of the joint Chamber of Commerce Hamid Hosseini said that since at the beginning of this year (March 21) 9 million tons of goods were exported to Iraq, adding that until December 13, 2017 Iran exported goods to Iraq valued $4.780 billion dollars.

He acknowledged about Iraqi government agreement to hold joint chamber of commerce meeting in February 2018, which could be a great help to remove some existing challenges.

Hosseini pointed to change of Iraq head of Customs office in recent months and underlined that since beginning of year 2018 all Iraqi tariffs will be limited in four groups and there would not be diversity in the tariffs.
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