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Iran’s oil exports exceed 2.6mn barrels

– Exports volume for Iran’s crude oil and gas condensate moved up to two million and six hundred thousand barrels per day in September.

Iran’s oil exports exceed 2.6mn barrels
(Friday, October 6, 2017) 09:38

As reported by Ministry of Petroleum, Iran managed to deploy 2.25 million barrels of crude oil to various destinations in Asia and Europe. China and India are largest buyers of Iranian crude with a total purchase of one million barrels.

Approximately 430 thousand barrels of gas condensate were also exported in September from Iran to Asian markets.

South Korea receives half of Iran’s gas condensate to be the largest buyer of the Iranian product. Iran also planning to supply its gas condensate to domestic demands in line with implementation of policies of Resistance Economy and prevention of raw retail.

Setare Khalij Fars Gas Condensates Refinery and Noori Petrochemical Complex are currently two biggest local consumers of the country’s gas condensate.

At the moment, a daily average of 100 thousand gas condensate barrels is being transferred from South Pars region to Setare Khalij Fars Gas Condensates Refinery though the figure is expected to hit 360 thousand barrels per day once all units of the giant Iranian refinery come on stream.

Meanwhile, Noori Petrochemical Complex, as the world’s largest producer of Aromatic materials, consumes nearly 100 thousand barrels of gas condensate per day while all other petrochemical complexes use an aggregate total of 100,000 barrels of the product per day.

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