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Iran’s light crude prices rise to $53 per barrel

Prices for light crude of Iran climbed by more than one dollar to be traded at 53 dollars per barrel in the week leading to September 08.

Iran’s light crude prices rise to $53 per barrel
(Thursday, October 5, 2017) 14:14

As reported by the Iranian Ministry of Petroleum, in the seven days leading to September 08, Iran’s light crude prices grew by $1.48 climbing to 52 dollars and 41 cents a barrel while the average figure for Iranian crude has been $49.17 since the beginning of the year 2017.

In the meantime, price figures for heavy crude of Iran moved up to 50 dollars and 69 cents indicating a $2.18 upswing as compared the earlier week.

The price of OPEC basket also rocketed by 2.12 cents surging to a $51.68 per barrel.

Over the same time span, WTI and Brent crude oil prices grew larger by $1.64 and $1.66 cents mounting up to $48.34 and $53.94 respectively.

Dubai and Oman crude oil barrels were also traded at $52.52 and $52.38 in the week leading to September 08 after respectively snowballing by $2.15 and $2.26 cents.

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