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Iran's extraction from joint field with Qatar equals in 11th gov't: Minister

Petroleum Minister Bijan Zangeneh said on Wednesday that Iran's gas extraction from the joint field with Qatar equaled with Qatar in the 11th government after the 11 phases of South Pars came into stream, each costing $5 billion.

Iran's extraction from joint field with Qatar equals in 11th gov't: Minister
(Monday, May 22, 2017) 09:14
Addressing a gathering of President Hassan Rouhani's fans in Aran and Bidgol late on Wednesday, he added that Iran's share from the field had fallen to less than half but completion of the South Pars phases brought the amount to a level equal to that of Qatar.

He further noted that the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) was one of the breakthroughs of the Government of Hope and Prudence which increased Iran's oil exports by two and a half fold, up from 1.2 million barrels a day to 2.8 million barrels a day.

Rouhani administration negotiated with the world's big powers as a result of which the world recognized Iran as a big power, he said.

Listing Rouhani government's achievements over the past four years, Zangeneh said that in addition to JCPOA, it carried out other big works, including bringing down inflation rate from 40 percent to less than 10 percent, health overhaul plan, gas supply to cities and villages and many other admirable projects.

Criticizing those who considered sanctions as a blessing, he said that sanctions as a big threat wasted huge amounts of money and it was a blessing for the individuals such as Babak Zanjani who misappropriated 13,000 billion Tomans, unprecedented misappropriation sine the advent of Islam.

He slammed the candidates who are trying to win the election through deceptive pledges, saying that they should know that 'our biggest asset is our votes'.

As regards UNESCO Global Education 2030 Agenda, he said that the government has not yet signed any document and education minister has on several occasions said that the document is not mandatory and Iran has committed itself only to those sections which are not contradictory to national security, religious and cultural beliefs.

He called for huge turnout in elections on Friday in a bid to help promote the country and nation's glory.
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