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IOTCO, 4th biggest provider of oil for India

racks of the ships indicate that Iran by daily exporting 473,000 barrels of oil to India has turned into the fourth biggest oil provider for that country in 2016.

IOTCO, 4th biggest provider of oil for India
(Monday, January 30, 2017) 11:11
In 2015, Iran used to export less than half the amount of oil to India, so it stood at the seventh position.

In 2015, the Indian oil refineries had decreased imports of Iranian oil due to the sanctions, financial problems and issues related to the insurance.
The anti-Iran sanctions were lifted in January, 2016.

Total exports of Iran’s oil to its four major Asian consumers, including China, India, South Korea and Japan, were about 1.9 million barrels of oil per day during the first month of 2017.
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