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IOTC lends out 35 tankers to European oil giants

NITC head announced that 35 Iranian tankers have been leased out to oil companies in Europe like Spain’s Cepsa and Eni of Italy.

IOTC lends out 35 tankers to European oil giants
(Saturday, January 28, 2017) 13:39

New Managing Director of the National Iranian Tanker Company (NITC) Sirous Kianersi described latest status of oil displacement agreements between NITC and huge European oil companies saying “so far, 35 contracts have been inked with European sides for taking out leases on 35 Iranian tankers.”

The official stated that the 35 lease contracts had been signed with oil giants from various EU states like Greece, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands asserting that the deals were spot contracts which were sealed for transport of crude oil.

He highlighted that Iranian tankers enjoyed highest standards for transference of crude oil in ports and oil terminals of the European Union (EU); “so far, agreements have been signed with majority of European oil firms like Spain’s Cepsa, Italy’s Eni in addition to Greek and Dutch companies.

In view of post-JCPOA conditions and removal of restrictions, more agreements will be sealed with European oil giants for displacement of crude oil, the official reiterated.

Last week, Kianersi had reported on berthing of Iranian oil tankers at EU oil terminals stressing that the first Iranian tanker had tied up at a Spanish socking site.

For the first time ever, an Iranian tanker, which has been lent out to a large Spanish oil company, moored at Algeciras port of the European state.

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