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Crude output to rise by 15k bpd

An oil official has announced that implementation of two new desalination plants in southern oil-rich regions will lift Iran’s oil production capacity by 15 thousand barrels per day.

Crude output to rise by 15k bpd
(Wednesday, January 25, 2017) 13:39

Managing Director of Gachsaran Oil and Gas Production Company (GSOGPC) Houshang Seidali expounded on plans to boost the country’s crude output capacity in Gachsaran region as a major oil hub of Iran saying “currently, majority of oil recovered from the operational area, which is extended over four provinces of Kohgiluyeh and Boyerahmad, Khuzestan, Bushehr and Fars, is being exported to global markets.”

The official, while emphasizing that projects to uplift production and enhance oil production quality have been put on the agenda, asserted “as such, two new desalination plants with a total processing capacity of 165 thousand barrel are one the verge of becoming operational.”

“The two projects entail construction of Gachsaran-3 desalination complex with a capacity of 110 thousand barrels of crude oil as well as Bibi Hakimeh-1 plant with a capacity of 55 thousand barrels per day.”

Seidali recalled that upon implementation, the new projects will augment Iran’s crude output capacity by about 15 thousand barrels per day reiterating that the new desalination plans pursued several important goals like providing capacity for salt oil processing, enhancing quality of the produced oil, protecting oil resources, preventing decline of refinery feedstock as well as eliminating environmental problems.”

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