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NIOC Appoints New Head of Int'l Affairs

Ali Kardor, the managing director of National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC), has appointed Saeid Khoshrou as NIOC's new director of international affairs, replacing Mohsen Qamsari.

NIOC Appoints New Head of Int'l Affairs
(Sunday, January 8, 2017) 15:28
Maximizing NIOC's revenues and reducing its transportation and maintenance costs are the chief strategies NIOC's international department will be seeking under Mr. Khoshrou, said Kardor in the decree devolving the post to Khoshrou.
Diversification of NIOC's markets and customers of crude oil and petroleum products by tapping modern, innovative, yet smart international marketing methods and making optimum use of the potentialities of the energy exchange are other tasks Kardor has entrusted Khoshrou with in his new post.

Mr. Khoshrou has served over 20 years in Iran's oil industry and has so far held several posts at NIOC's international department like deputy of marketing, head of the gas condensate domestic sales office and head of the price assessment division of NIOC.
Serving as head of the Petro-Energy Information Network (Shana) and carrying out research activities for the Institute for International Energy Studies (IIES) are Khoshrou's other engagements over the past decades.

Khoshrou replaced Mr. Qamsari after his retirement.
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