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Iran’s gas condensate exports set record high

A gas official, while pointing to the 50-percent surge in Iran’s condensate exports, said giant oil tankers can now moor at Assaluyeh terminal.

Iran’s gas condensate exports set record high
(Tuesday, July 26, 2016) 08:33

Chairman of Assaluyeh gas condensate export terminal Iraj Ghavami touched upon the latest status of gas exports in Assaluyeh saying “in the first three months of the current Iranian calendar year (began March 20), more than 41.727 million cubic meters of gas condensate produced at South Pars phases were exported from the Iranian terminal.”

The official noted that a total of 51 oil tankers berthed at the terminal in the meantime asserting “the figures indicate an 18-percent growth in exports volume as well as a 19-percetn growth in the number of loaded tankers as compared with the same period a year before.”

“In the timespan from June 01 to July 21, the volume of exported condensate as well as the number of loaded oil tankers have experienced 48 and 46 percent increase, respectively,” underlined Ghavami adding “in line with implementation of new South Pars phases, the country’s capacity for gas condensate exports has soared significantly.”

The official highlighted that three loading buoys are used to load and deploy the gas condensate produced at South Pars phases stressing “at the present time, oil tankers with a capacity of 300 to 320 thousand tons can tie up at Assaluyeh gas terminal."

He also referred to the shipment of the first gas condensate cargo produced at Phase 19 South Pars field maintaining “the first shipment, with a volume of about 270 thousand barrels, was exported to global markets.”

Iraj Ghavami further pointed to the first shipment of 3,500 tons of heavy fuel oil from Assaluyeh gas terminal reiterating “the cargo has been deployed to a Persian Gulf littoral state.”

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