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Loading Arms Manufacturing Indigenized

Head of the R&D Department at National Iranian Oil Terminals Company Mehdi Hassani said on Saturday that his office had designed and manufactured loading arms for the first ever and it will be installed in Kharg terminal in the next month.

Loading Arms Manufacturing Indigenized
(Saturday, July 16, 2016) 08:29

Hassani told IOTCO that loading arm is a very important equipment to load crude oil and the technology, that used to be imported, is now indigenized.

He said the arms are used in transfer of oil from oil jetties to the tankers berthing in Kharg terminal.

He added that the prototype of such a device was manufactured to be applied in no. 10 berthing place of the eastern jetty of Kharg terminal and it now follows tentative operation.

Once the tentative phase is over the device will be installed in Kharg terminal, he concluded.

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