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Iran's Goal is to Gain Lofty Standing in PG Oil Terminals

IOTCO : Managing Director of Iran Oil Terminals Company (IOTCO ) Pirouz Mousavi said Iran takes access to a lofty status in the oil terminals in the Persian Gulf as a strategic goal.

Iran's Goal is to Gain Lofty Standing in PG Oil Terminals
(Thursday, July 7, 2016) 09:33

Mousavi told a group of the IOTCO directors that acquiring such an important position will be possible in the future regarding the steps taken in that connection.

He said increase in the production and access to the crude export market has been on the agenda of the Ministry of Petroleum as Government of Hope and Prudence came on power.

He added that in light of the projects for renovation and basic overhaul, all key facilities and infrastructures have been on government agenda, bringing the potential for export of Iranian crude to six million barrels per day. Later on, Iran's oil exports hit the record high of 7,100,000 bpd thanks to public efforts, he noted.

The official said as the Kharg oil storage reserves came into operation, the crude reserve capacity of the island rose to 28 million barrels from four million barrels.
"Such a capability helps us gain yet bigger goals."

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