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South Pars gas condensates exports up 80 per cent

Head of the Iranian Oil Terminals Company (IOTC) has said exports of gas condensates from South Pars different phases have risen 80 per cent.

South Pars gas condensates exports up 80 per cent
(Tuesday, June 16, 2015) 19:55

Seyed Pirouz Mousavi told reporters on Saturday that in October 21, 14,726,000 barrels of gas condensate had been exported through SPM (Single Point Mooring), which showed an 80-per cent increase compared to that in last year, which had been 8,123,000 barrels.

“Operation of phase 12 of South Pars in last March, which is tantamount to 3 phases of standard gas production, has been effective in increasing the production of strategic product, to which operation of phases 15-18 contribute to the gas condensates significantly,” he told reporters.

“Now, the technicalities of simultaneous harboring of two cargo ships have been met in Assaluyeh; gas condensates produced in South Pars phase 12 are loaded and exported by SPM in Kangan Second Pars district,” he added.

Mousavi also added that the loading of gas condensates had indicated a 16-per cent rise during the first half of the year compared to the same time last year; “in the first six months, 73,822,000 barrels of condensate gas produced by South Pars have been delivered to world markets; with a measure by the Ministry of Oil in an attempt to decrease export of crude material, larger portion of this product will be fed into domestic refineries including Persian Gulf Star,” said the head of  IOTC.

“By late-October, 1,807 oil tankers had harbored and been loaded in Assaluyeh gas terminal; thanks to efforts of indigenous expertise and inclement weather conditions which negatively affects harboring of ships, so far, 17 oil tankers have received loads in the terminal; South Korea, Japan, UAE, and China are major customers of Iran’s gas condensates; Assaluyeh enjoys the latest digitalized systems and methods of measurement of gas condensates,” he detailed.


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