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Azerbaijan to partake in Iranian oil projects

Azerbaijani oil companies will take part in Iranian oil projects for construction and repair of floating balls in Kharg and Assaluyeh terminals.

Azerbaijan to partake in Iranian oil projects
(Sunday, May 22, 2016) 21:43

Representatives of Azerbaijani oil companies have visited Iran Oil Terminals Company (IOTC) expressing readiness to cooperate in manufacturing and overhaul of IOTC’s floating balls.

The capabilities and experience of IOTC in repairing floating balls in Assaluyeh and Kharg terminals has encouraged Azerbaijani companies to participate in Iranian floating ball projects.

Floating balls enjoy a sophisticated technology which allows mourning of tankers with a capacity of 300 thousand tons being able to transfer a total of 6000 thousand barrels of gas condensate or oil to the tanker per hour.

Over the past two years, Iranian experts have managed to overhaul floating balls.

The attractiveness of investment in the country’s oil industry as well as the removal of international sanctions have led foreign companies to seek active participation in Iran’s oil and gas industry.

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