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Dutch company to join Iran in oil terminal renovation

Head of Iran Oil Terminals Company (IOTC) has said the company will cooperate with a Dutch oil company to renew oil terminals and facilities.

Dutch company to join Iran in oil terminal renovation
(Monday, May 30, 2016) 21:14

Seyed Pirouz Mousavi told IOTCO on Tuesday that boosting oil income and exports was a government priority where oil terminals played an important role; “the harboring of forging oil tankers has almost doubled in Iran’s terminals in the times post-JCPOA; we have broken the record of daily exports recently,” he added.

“Removal of sanctions was crucial for rise in crude oil production; IOTC is the last ring in the chain of oil and gas production,” said Mr. Mousavi, who announced the company’s plans to renew oil infrastructures and facilities; “more than 100 major overhaul of the oil facilities have been completed which highly improved the company’s resources in oil production and exports.”

“51 overhauls in Kharg and 42 overhauls in Assaluyeh terminals have contributed to installation of new facilities and parts in 460 sections of Kharg, 104 sections in North, and 205 sections in Assaluyeh terminals with highly expert human force engaging in the project,” he told Mehr News. “Dutch Rotterdam port city is one of Europe’s largest oil terminal, very much like Iran’s Kharg in Persian Gulf. The port has incorporated the latest cutting-edge technology and facilities in design, installation and operation of oil restoring facilities,” he detailed.

Mousavi then concluded that Dutch contractor company had been commissioned to participate in renovation of Iran’s oil terminals and facilities, oil restoring facilities, and tanker loading buoys; “some of facilities are Dutch-made and accordingly, we will invite their participation and contribution in the project,” he added.

“The intelligent pigging of the underwater pipeline between Gonaveh and Kharg and gas condensate pipeline in Assaluyeh will be also carried out; a plan in 2016 blueprint is inspection of submarine pipeline and repair of buoys,” Mousavi said.

Kharg oil terminal has two wharfs also known as T-wharf in eastern side and Azarpad in western side which are responsible for 90 per cent of country’s oil exports.

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