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4 Storage Tanks in Kharg Terminal

IOTCO :Four storage tanks in Kharg oil terminal are to be completed in August. Each tank has a capacity of storing one million barrels of oil.

4 Storage Tanks in Kharg Terminal
(Friday, May 22, 2015) 10:55
All the necessary equipment for the storage tanks have been transferred to the oil terminal.
The latest international standards and new cathodic protection systems have been applied in these storage tanks in order to double their longevity. Due to these protection measures, each tank would need maintenance every 15 years.
According to Iran Oil Terminals Company (IOTC), storing each barrel of oil costs 11 dollars, versus 28 dollars in the world.
With the completion of these four storage tanks, Kharg oil terminal will see its capacity soar to 28 million barrels.
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