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IOTC Upgrading Sludge Prevention Systems

IOTCO : Head of Research and development department at Iran’s Oil Terminal Company (IOTC), Mehdi Hosaini, says the company plans to upgrade efficiency of submerged rotary jet systems in Kharg Island oil tanks through conducting a simulation program.

IOTC Upgrading Sludge Prevention Systems
(Tuesday, December 23, 2014) 09:44

Mehdi Hosaini said to IOTCO : normally a percentage of oil storage capacity of oil tanks is wasted due to accumulation of sludge on the floor of oil tanks so deploying sludge prevention systems is one of the best ways for tackling the problem.

He continued: the project, which is underway by a group of students, is examining the factors that affect performance of submerged rotary jet systems and has been approved by IOTC’s experts.

According to Hosaini, each year, IOTC’s research and development department announces its research needs and priorities to the credible universities across the country.

He went on to say that if the students’ proposals to be compatible with the needs of IOTC, the related committee in the company will approve and support them in the form of students’ theses. 

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