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Feasibility Study of Building Underground Oil Reserves Tanks

A feasibility study project is being designed to build and maintain Iran"s stockpile of crude oil of the country and the first phase of the project will start by next month, an official of Iranian Oil Terminals Company said.

Feasibility Study of Building Underground Oil Reserves Tanks
(Sunday, May 18, 2014) 09:23

Speaking to PIN, head of research and technology division of IOTC, Mahdi Haji-Hosseinzadeh added the project is aimed at improving Iran"s strategic and competitive potentiality in the field of oil export throughout the world and region, and improving the strategic reserves capacity of the country.

The company has done 13 research projects this year with the cooperation of domestic and foreign research centers. They are being finalized, he continued.

Haji-Hosseinzadeh reminded that the project for recovering VOC vapor from crude oil during loading of crude oil in the tanker is one the most important one done by IOTC for the first time in the Middle East.

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