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IOTC Cleans Contaminated Area

IOTCO: Iran’s Oil Terminals Company (IOTC) has managed to clean 50 tons of soil contaminated with oil products by using a biological method for the first time in the country.

IOTC Cleans Contaminated Area
(Friday, May 6, 2016) 22:11
  • The chairman of HSE department of IOTC Ali Sardar made the remarks, adding deploying biological methods for cleaning contaminated soil is not only compatible with environment but also useful for ecosystem of Kharg Island as a main oil export terminal.  

    Head of HSE department said blending 250 kilograms of microbial powder with contaminated soil was part of the process of cleaning the contaminated area.

    Sardar said that removing sediments from storage tanks, the process of modernization and cases of spill of oil in operational regions makes contamination inevitable so using microbial powder to clean the contaminated area plays a useful role in preserving the ecosystem of the soil.  
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