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Persian Gulf largest oil terminal gets ready for post-sanctions era

IOTCO:In time with the completion of the overhaul of underground pipelines at Kharg Oil Terminal, the largest terminal in the Persian Gulf has become ready for increased oil production and export by the removal of sanctions.

Persian Gulf largest oil terminal gets ready for post-sanctions era
(Friday, April 29, 2016) 19:19

Managing Director of Kharg Oil Terminal Abbas Asaddooz has described the latest status of repairs and preparation of Kharg Island Oil Terminal facilities; “currently, a portion of the overhaul including the repairing of underground pipes has been accomplished earlier than the envisioned deadline,” he noted.

The official further stressed that being very old and the largest oil terminal in the Persian Gulf, the delicate process of Kharg terminal’s overhaul marked a strategic achievement for the country’s industry.

Deeming the bombing of Kharg island during the Imposed War and the sanctions against Iran as major causes of the delay in overhaul of underground pipes, Asaddooz said, “restoration of the underground pipelines was put on the agenda after the necessary surveys and technical assessments were carried out and it was successfully completed by the efforts of Iranian experts.”

Seyyed Pirouz Mousavi, Managing Director of Iran's oil terminals, had recently referred to the increase in the throughput of offshore operations to more than 6 million barrels a day; “at the moment the reconstruction and renovation of facilities, docks and storage tanks have ended,” he announced.

Meanwhile, Roknodin Javadi, Managing Director of the National Iranian Oil Company, has reported a one-million-barrel increase in Iran’s oil export in 6 months after the the lifting of sanctions.

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