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Kharg terminal ready to host world's largest tankers

IOTCO :An IOTC official has said the largest tankers with a capacity of 360 thousand barrels can now berth at Kharg oil terminal

Kharg terminal ready to host world's largest tankers
(Thursday, April 28, 2016) 22:07

Head of Iran Oil Terminals Company's (IOTC) Export Department Gholamhossein Gerami described the latest status of Kharg terminal’s harbor and facilities as Iran’s largest oil terminal for the post sanction era; “currently, about 94 per cent of Iranian crude oil is being exported to world markets from Kharg terminal.”

Gerami noted that the oil produced in oil-rich regions is transferred to Kharg through five submarine pipelines asserting “the received oil is stored in 140-thousand to one-million-barrel oil storage tanks.”

The official reminded that the storage tanks at Kharg terminal are capable of storing one or two types of light and heavy oil; “at the present time, the total oil storage capacity at Kharg terminal equals 28 million barrels.”

He further noted the mooring of tankers at the terminal explaining “in the eastern harbor, a total of six tankers can berth simultaneously with a transfer rate of 670,500 barrels per hour.

“All three types of light, heavy and burning oil can be loaded at the eastern harbor which can host tankers with a capacity of 275 thousand tons,” highlighted the official.

Gerami also stressed that the western harbor can welcome three oil tankers simultaneously with a total loading capacity of 360 thousand barrels of crude oil.

“The world’s largest oil tankers can dock at the western harbor of Kharg oil terminal due to having 30-meter depth of water.”

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