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Iran to minimize oil on water storage

IOTCO :An IOTC official has said with the implementation of a new descaling scheme on Iranian oil export storage tanks, the volume of country's oil on water will reduce to a minimum.

Iran to minimize oil on water storage
(Thursday, April 28, 2016) 22:02

The Operating Director of Kharg Oil Terminal at Iranian Oil Terminals Company (IOTC) Kumars Karami Moghadam said “the overhaul of strategic reservoirs at Kharg oil terminal, as the largest oil export terminal in the Persian Gulf, is carried out on a regular basis to prepare them for emergencies.”

“Considering the domestic capabilities of oil industry, it was decided that IOTS, rather than contractors, take charge of descaling operations for a one-million-barrel reservoir,” he underlined.

The official noted that the scheme proposed by IOTS was innovative since the bottom sediments would resolve in crude oil and return to the country’s oil export cycle; “in addition, the operation was carried out at a high level in terms of safety, hygiene, safety and environment which can be applied to other tanks in Kharg oil terminal.”

“Raising the storage volume of crude oil marks one of the most important advantages of descaling tanks,” maintained Karami Moghadam adding “the increased storage volume alleviates the need to store oil in tankers on the sea.”

“Regular descaling of reservoirs will ultimately minimize the amount of country’s oil stored on water,” he reiterated.

Storage of crude oil in Kharg oil terminal has always been on the agenda due to its strategic importance in transfer or export of crude oil.

Several problems might disrupt the export process including adverse weather conditions, faults in pipelines and ship issues which all necessitate the existence and readiness of storage tanks.

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