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  • MOP Showed Iran Oil Exports would Continue: President Rouhani
  • 10:11 (Sunday, December 2, 2018)
  • Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said the Iranian Ministry of Petroleum (MOP) showed the US that Iran’s oil exports would continue.
  • “The Americans did understand that Iran would continue selling its oil and the big sign about this was shown by the Petroleum Ministry who made the Americans understand that we sell our oil and that we have so many routes to sell our oil that their sanctions would be rendered futile,” said the President on Wednesday.

    Mr. Rouhani, addressing his cabinet meeting, added that the US had November 4 would be the start of the fall of the establishment of the Islamic Republic of Iran. “They thought they could call a halt to Iran’s oil exports, but in the few days prior to the date, they understood this was impossible both for their domestic issues and the prices of oil.”
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