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Iran’s revenues via oil, oil product exports increase
General: The Islamic Republic’s incomes through export of oil and oil products (including crude oil, condensates, natural gas, natural gas l...
Iran: No plan to increase oil output
General: Iran has no plan to increase its crude oil output in 2018, Ali Kardor, managing director of the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC)...
Iran Oil Exports to India Hit Record
General: India purchased about 700,000 barrels of crude oil from Iran in March hitting a record high in the history of the two countries oil...
Iran oil price nearing $70
General: In the week ending on April 20, Iran's oil price reached its peak in 2018 so far, i.e. about $70 per barrel.
Iran oil terminals handling capacity at 28mb/d: Oil official
General: According to Pirouz Mousavi, CEO of IOTC, the company is to increase this capacity in the future.
Over 14 m barrels gas condensates exported from South Pars
General: Managing Director of Oil Terminals Company Peirouz Mousavi said on Tuesday that a total of 14.4 million barrels of gas condensates ...
General: Exports volume for Iran’s crude oil stands at two million and one hundred thousand barrels per day (mb/d) in March. The figure is e...
India to double oil import from Iran in 2018
General: According to the informed sources, Indian state refineries are planning to double oil imports from the Islamic Republic of Iran in ...
Venezuela learns from Iran’s experiences
General: Venezuelan Ambassador to Iran Jesus Gregorio Gonzalez has said his country is learning from Iran’s experiences to tackle its challe...
Oil price pushes higher
General: Oil has risen towards $70 as a result of a drop in drilling activity in the US and concerns that Washington could reintroduce sanct...
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